Foods that cause Bad Breath (Halitosis Causes)

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Bad Breath is caused due to several factors, one of the major ones being the food that we consume in our day to day life, and the food which we cannot avoid, that being one of the ingredients in the several dishes that we make and consume. Although one

Tips to Choose a Toothbrush

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When you visit a store, you find a several number of varieties and designs of toothbrushes, all of their own shapes, sizes and having unique designs. One usually ends up buying a toothbrush which is attractive in looks, easier to handle and which was usually talked about more, for

Best ways for Preventing & Curing Bad Breath in Kids

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Having bad breath is one of the most embarrassing situations and is getting common nowadays in small children. Bad breath is very unpleasant in children. However, you might not recognize it. It can, at times happen, that after properly brushing teeth, bad breath can persist in your child’s mouth.

Types of Wisdom Teeth Impactions Based on Angulations of Tooth

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Wisdom tooth impaction is one of the very common problems which start from the teenage and it’s the third molar tooth whose impacted position leads to various consequences and the people are left with an option of getting the wisdom tooth extracted surgically. But again, the severity of the

Roles & Requirement of a Dental Hygienist (Education Details)

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In a dental office, helping patients for the prevention of dental problems and also educating them about proper dental care, is the general role of a dental hygienist. Working closely with community dental services, dentists in general practice and hospitals is common for a dental hygienist as well. Responsibilities

Dear haters, your negativity against ALS Ice Bucket Challenge isn’t helping either!

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Enough with the talk against ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, please! If you don’t like it, don’t do it – keep it till there. Don’t take a step ahead to discourage others from doing it, only because you don’t like it. Wasting a bucket of water is hurting you so